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Resolving Disputes Outside The Courtroom

An important alternative to litigation, mediation solves a dispute by working with both sides to help them reach an agreement. Mediation is also court-ordered in nearly all cases, and can serve as a more efficient method of resolution than a costly jury trial. With all three of our named partners certified as South Carolina civil court mediators, we believe that our expert mediation services give our clients more options to attain resolution. We also arbitrate disputes when required by agreement, and serve as Special Referee upon appointment and request.

We’re Called Upon By Others In The Field

Many of the thousands of settlements we’ve mediated were referred to us by other lawyers. They know from experience that we are able both to navigate the legal complexities and to build consensus in a charged, often personal, environment. We don’t simply mediate your case for a day and move on. We are direct when we need to be. When we mediate your case, we are in it for the long haul. We do the follow-up to help you get the results you want outside the courtroom.

Start With A Free Consultation

Choosing the right lawyer is crucial to the outcome of your case. Schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation with us to discuss your case today. Please note: we are selective about which cases we take so we can provide our clients with the attention and resources needed to find a resolution.

Please contact our Charleston office online or by calling 843-727-1144 to schedule your appointment.