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For more than 40 years, our lawyers at Wills Massalon & Allen LLC have been legal stalwarts in helping clients in the Charleston and coastal South Carolina area resolve a variety of civil litigation matters. Whether you or your business has been sued or needs advice on whether to bring a lawsuit, we have a solid understanding of the legal issues that impact our community and the negotiating and courtroom skills necessary to serve your needs.

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Insurance Coverage &
Insurance Bad Faith
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Arbitration, & Special Referee
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Partnership, LLC &
Corporation Disputes
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Real Estate

Delivering Trusted Service For Complex Matters

Our firm does not shy away from complicated cases. Our attorneys can be seen in the courtroom bringing tangled contract disputes or commercial litigation to trial and on appeal.

We represent businesses, private professionals and other clients in complex litigation cases that involve disputes over:

Business – Breach of fiduciary duty, LLC and partnership disputes
ContractsBreach of contract, noncompete and purchase agreements
Real estate – Title claims, commercial leases, easements, covenants and developments
Insurance – Coverage disputes and bad faith claims
Probate – Will contests and other estate disputes

We have the know-how to take cases to trial, but it does not mean we always see that as the best solution. Rather than opting for prolonged litigation, we try to find the best approach to resolving your unique problem. We weigh each solution against the time and cost of a trial to identify the strategy that is right for each case. .

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Thousands Of Cases Mediated

Mediation is a large part of our practice at Wills Massalon & Allen LLC. It is often required, and an important stage in the legal case. Mediation can also be a favorable alternative to litigation. It provides a neutral platform for opposing parties to resolve their disputes out of court. Our lawyers have served as mediators helping people and businesses nationwide resolve disputes and improve relationships. As skilled mediators, our lawyers assist in resolving disagreements effectively and affordably.

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