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Professional Negligence

We Can Help With Issues of Professional Responsibility

At Wills Massalon & Allen we can help you handle a wide range of issues involving professional negligence. We frequently help doctors, lawyers, architects and other professionals defend themselves in matters related to their professional practice, standards of care and responsibilities and duties. We also represent people who need to bring a lawsuit or other legal action against a professional who has damaged them.

Examples of the types of cases we handle include:

  • Duties of care owed to patients and clients when dissolving a professional practice such as a medical practice or law firm
  • Professional responsibility issues of architects, engineers and other professionals
  • Ethical conduct of doctors, lawyers and others
  • Legal malpractice defense

Experienced in Taking a Client-First Approach

At Wills Massalon & Allen, we have more than 60 years of combined experience helping people in the Charleston, South Carolina, area handle matters involving professional negligence. Because we are selective about the cases we take, we can pay more attention to the details of your case.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney at Wills Massalon & Allen, call us at 843-727-1144 or contact us online to discuss your situation.