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Contract Disputes

At Wills Massalon & Allen, we work with our clients to help them achieve the best results possible for their situation. Efficiency involves early determination, identification of ultimate goals, and taking into consideration the total benefits and costs of legal action.

Our experienced lawyers handle numerous contract disputes including noncompete agreements, breach of contract claims, purchase agreements and disputes involving real estate matters. Some examples of the cases we have handled at Wills Massalon & Allen include:

  • Business disputes: A dispute that arises between businesses when they disagree over the terms of a contract they entered into, billing issues, property disputes or other disagreements.
  • Non-compete agreement: The person who has a noncompete clause in his contract and receives a letter from his former employer forbidding him to start up a new business.
  • Breach of contract: Residential or commercial leases where the landlord or tenant may or may not have complied with the terms of the contract.
  • Purchase agreements: A person who bought equipment and claimed they didn't get what they paid for.

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